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+ WIRE DJs - a different member of Wire DJing each night

So: 21.03.2021
Doors: 19:30

+ WIRE DJs - a different member of Wire DJing each night

Die Tour ist leider abgesagt. Tickets werden zurückerstattet. Wer will & kann darf das Geld natürlich spenden 😉


Nachholtermin vom 18.05.2020. Karten behalten ihre Gültigkeit.

Catch-up date of May 18th 2020.Tickets remain valid.

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Since their inception they’ve maintained areputation for creating music that stretches the rock form whilst simultaneously editingit down to its essence. With their gift for crafting songs that perfectly balanceexperimentation and accessibility, WIRE were recently hailed by the Quietus as “one ofthe most consistent British bands of all time”. Yet WIRE exhibit little inclination to lookback or trade on past glories, rather they remain resolutely focused on producing musicwhich is smart, vital and defiantly modern.Mind Hive is the group’s first newly recorded material since 2017’s stellar Silver/Lead.That album garnered rave reviews (“Some of the best tunes they’ve done” – The Guardian)and career best sales. Yet, if Silver/Lead set the bar pretty high, Mind Hive seems tohave no problem vaulting over it. Album opener Be Like Them is a super-angular composition, utilizing a recentlyrediscovered Wire lyric from 1977. Colin Newman and Matthew Simms’ guitars constantlymesh and diverge, whilst the rhythm section of Graham Lewis and Robert Grey ensurethe song prowls forward with an unstoppable menace. In contrast, lead cut Cactused is the first of Mind Hive’s pop moments. Newman’s vocalis wide eyed and wired, with Lewis’ smooth backing vocals thickening the plot. Simms’effects-heavy guitar work creates a bright web of noise, with the song’s stop/startmoments providing a series of precise energy bursts. Primed And Ready rides out on a tightly pulsing synth sequence punctuated by icyslivers of guitar. Grey drives whole sections of the song with hi-hat alone, but when hissnare cracks return, they push the song forwards with even greater intensity. This isWire at their most compressed yet propulsive.

Off The Beach is another prime pop song. With its breezy, optimistic melody, and blendof electric and acoustic guitars, the song initially sees the group seemingly celebratingthe joys of everyday life. And yet, as is so often the case with WIRE, things are destinedto turn a shade stranger. The sun-dazzled splendor of Unrepentant sees the group exploring the kind of bucolicsoundscape early Pink Floyd would have been proud to call their own. Boasting one ofthe album’s finest texts, the song radiates out into a shimmering sonic heat haze. The atmospheric yet concise Shadows pulls the classic WIRE trick of placing a dark andcruel lyric amongst a musical setting of tender beauty. Never has the recounting ofatrocity been so seductively pitched.The muscular and dramatic Oklahoma is the joker in the pack. With its opening lyric of‘I love your sexy hearse’, Lewis’ dark vocal swims through a rich compound of guitartextures and synth tones, building into a master-class of tension and release.The album’s centerpiece is Hung. This 8-minute excursion matches a brief but evocativelyric with a dense, mesmeric guitar grind. Simms and Newman’s keyboards add aplaintive note, as the song moves through a series of sections, each with its own distinctatmosphere. The album closes with the gorgeous Humming, a beatless autumnal drift fashioned fromdelicate keyboard textures and rich soaring guitar tones. Newman delivers the state ofthe world lyric with a touching sense of innocence, whilst the piece ends with Lewis’husky baritone listing locations and their difficult associations. An elegiac end to asupremely confident album.WIRE’s back catalogue is of course studded with influential epoch defining works. Lastyear saw the reissue of their groundbreaking first three albums: Pink Flag, Chairs Missingand 154. These were voted amongst the top reissues of the year (Rolling Stone at no.10,Uncut at no.12 and Select at no.3). And now Mind Hive arrives at a time when WIRE arebeing cited as an influence by yet another generation of bands. They are also the subjectsof a career spanning feature documentary called People in a Film due for release late2020. Quite how a group that has been operating for such a long period is still able to producesuch exciting and essential work is difficult to understand. And yet here we are; MindHive is the most masterful 35 minutes of post-punk you will hear this year.

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