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Mi: 05.08.2020
Doors: 19:30

+ secret main support + Minipax

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Strike Anywhere is more than a band; Strike Anywhere is a movement, a sound and
a force. The band!s incredibly solid career has spanned ten years across the globe,
releasing four critically acclaimed albums while remaining a staple in the
underground music scene since their inception. Comprised of Thomas Barnett
(vocals), Eric Kane (drums), Matt Smith (guitar), Mark Miller (guitar), and Garth
Petrie (bass), Strike Anywhere is undoubtedly one of the most influential melodic
hardcore bands of our time. With release of their Bridge Nine Records debut, Iron
Front, the momentum in Strike Anywhere!s career is just as strong as ever.

Formed in 1999 in Richmond, VA, Strike Anywhere has defied categorization and
broken down walls of what it is to be punk. After their debut EP, Chorus of One, was
released, Strike Anywhere teamed up with Jade Tree who issued Change Is a
Sound in August 2001. The release of Exit English followed in 2003 and the rarities
collection To Live in Discontent was released in January 2005. Strike Anywhere
joined up with Fat Wreck Chords for their next full-length, the critically acclaimed
Dead FM, which was released in June 2006 and saw the band touring the around
world numerous times in support of the record.

Fast forward to 2009 and Strike Anywhere had fragments of song ideas, melodies,
guitar progressions, rhythms, and lyrics that they!d put together over the course of
the three years ready to assemble an album. These ideas were put together while
the band was spending time overseas living and working in a rehearsal built by the
Prague Nomads, in Czech, outside of the city. There, the band did a lot of crucial
writing and fine-tuning of their collection of new songs. Upon their return, Strike got
together a few more times in Richmond, VA in basements and warehouses to finish
building what would become Iron Front. Vocalist Thomas Barnett said, “It!s
interesting that we would have a lot of our writing time for the record done in Europe,
because the LP title is a tribute and a homecoming of the Antifascist Circle’s creators
and original activists and creators of an international antifascist movement. They
were Europeans who were trying to combat the rise of fascism in Central Europe in
the early decades of the last century.” Strike Anywhere teamed up with Bridge Nine
Records for the release of their most emotionally and politically charged album yet,
Iron Front, which will hit stores on October 6th, 2009.

Recorded by Brian McTernan at Salad Days in Baltimore, Iron Front packs the
intensity and ferocity that Strike Anywhere had in their heads and hearts throughout
the writing process. Barnett went on to say, “Brian was adamant that we retain the
emotion and the impact of each song’s potential – with soaring and organic anthemic
highs and crunching, floor-shaking lows. The production aesthetic was relentless
and magnetic and the songs were organized to build a narrative of impressions – the
aggressive coupled with the hopeful. None of the cleaner, more translucent, sonic
moments that were present on Dead FM seemed relevant to the trajectory of this
record. It was the quickest and easiest recording we’ve ever done.”

While slightly heavier and noisier than their previous releases, Iron Front features
accessible songs that address global and personal issues like human rights, war,
politics, and police brutality. Iron Front has more “roots” – more hardcore
breakdowns and rhythms, darker melodic textures and fast-paced punk songs that
dominate the album. Strike Anywhere has pushed the boundaries of their sound on
this album, with soaring choruses coupled with dissonant and angular guitars and
percussion. Drums were poured over and guitars were powered up on this recording
for a more visceral and physical approach.

With the momentum of recording still on the forefront, Strike Anywhere set out on the
road upon leaving the studio in Summer of 2009 for a US/Canadian jaunt with
Propagandhi. For the remainder of this year, the band will headline the first official
Bridge Nine Records Tour featuring labelmates Polar Bear Club, Crime In Stereo,
and Ruiner throughout October and November. Following the B9 Tour, Strike will
head overseas for a month-long excursion through Europe. 2010 will see Strike
Anywhere doing what they do best: touring, touring touring. Canvassing every
corner of planet Earth thus far in their career, including Latvia, Belarus, Japan,
Brazil, Taiwan, Australia, and more, next year will be no different. With plans to bring
SA’s new music to fans all over the world Barnett notes, „…the songs of Iron Front
will only truly evolve once they are played and sung and brought into people’s lives,
adapting to the listener’s personal truths and perceptions.“ Iron Front will reach
listeners everywhere October 6th, 2009 via Bridge Nine Records.

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