Zur Schönen Aussicht feat. Käptn Peng – Abgesagt

XJAZZ Festival 2020

Do: 07.05.2020
Doors: 18:30

XJAZZ Festival 2020

Presented by FluxFM, taz, ASK HELMUT, Jazz thing, HHV Records, KCRW Berlin

Zur Schönen Aussicht feat. Käptn Peng
When the three sound researchers of Zur Schönen Aussicht, together with the always lyrical and rhyming prodigy Käptn Peng, hatch a new, previously unheard musical sensation, it is no surprise that musical surprises are provided. Let yourself fall into post-contemporary jazz beats that skilfully capture the everyday big city struggle. Plus, wonderfully ambiguous and equally unique rap from the pen of the legendary Käptn Peng. Curated exclusively for the XJAZZ Festival, the upcoming performance seems wild, unconventional and totally new? Bingo, it certainly will be.

Doors: 18:30
Stage: 19:30

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