The Amplified Kitchen: The Clash

Discussion about antisemitism in the queer clubcultur and digital frenzy

Do: 06.12.2018
Start: 19:00

Discussion about antisemitism in the queer clubcultur and digital frenzy

The Shit is fucked. The clash of the queer, female, non-binary PoC party crew Room 4 Resistance and the collective of the venue ://about blank had a huge impact on the queer clubbing community. The trigger was a post on facebook, in which R4R expressed their support for a campaign called DJs4palestine and within that the different approaches to whether Israel boycott campaigns are anti-semitic or not. Now, after shitstorms, statements and disputes, the topic calms down and we have the chance to talk about it: What did happen in the days after the post, particularly in social media? How can a simple post on facebook get a reach like this and trigger so much hate speech? Was the cancelation of the party right or wrong? What means such a harsh reaction for marginalised communities, especially a queer, non-binary PoC community? What are the backgrounds of the contrary positions to Israel’s role in the middle-east conflict, and where do they come from? Why does that conflict raise such polarisation within club culture? Do we have to fear a division? How can we refocus on diversity and what brings us together? Is there something like a middle ground all can commit to and refocuse on the shared fights for equality and freedom? There are many other questions: Feel free to take a seat on the open chair to ask your questions and share your thoughts.#

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